Questions for Kristen Welker/Katy Tur

I sent these out this week – Kristen, at least, has acknowledged that she got them and hopefully will respond. It was just too hard to do an interview on the phone or in-person. I will not name them in the paper, I will publish their answers anonymously, only identifying them as correspondents at a major TV network who was on the campaign trail and has covered the President.


1 – When you were out on the campaign trail, you experienced firsthand the anger that some people aim at the media. By and large, what did people tell you was the reason they were angry?


  1. Last fall, Gallup found that just 40% of people trust mass media. Do you believe you have a responsibility to actively try to regain the public’s trust?  And if so, how do you do that?


  1. You’ve seen the rise of fake news (meaning news that is created and circulated by anonymous sources online with the intent to mislead, spread a particular agenda or to get clicks). How much effort does the mainstream media need to expend in actively pushing back against fake news?


  1. Some people have said we are in a “post-truth” society. Do you believe that?


  1. President Obama said before he left office, that “without some common baseline of facts… we’ll keep talking past each other, making common ground and compromise impossible.” As a society, do we still have a common baseline of facts or not?


  1. What was your reaction to President Trump describing the media as the “enemy of the American people”?


  1. How has President Trump’s reliance on social media to communicate changed your job?


  1. Do you believe that the denigration of journalism by government officials and the public’s lack of trust in the media is eroding the foundations of our democracy?


  1. Do you believe that the events of the last six months have permanently changed the job of a journalist in America? Or do you believe the challenges you currently face are only temporary?



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